The Dippy Cat

The Dippy Cat

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

If You Give a Cat a Brain Cell..

Step 1: New canvas panels arrive in a box
Step 2: Rejecting all wisdom and prior experience, decide that Dippy might perhaps wish to play with said box.
Step 3: Place box on floor by feet
Step 4: *Critical error step* Add catnip to box
Dippy sniffs box. Dippy cannot comprehend challenging concepts such as "inside" and "outside"- attempts to balance on folded box edge.
Dippy falls off box. Box flips over onto Dippy.
As Shakespeare would say "There were then divers alarums and great shriekings as of demons or small children under the age of three."
Pull box off of Dippy. Vacuum floor. Vacuum Dippy.
Bandage hand wound.
Remove side flaps from box. Return box to floor. Add more catnip.
Dippy sniffs box and falls over. I glance down as something suspiciously cardboard-like bounces off my ankle.
Dippy blinks- her foot, claws fully extended is stuck to the box. Before I can move she rolls, pulling the box over on top of her.
Pull box off of Dippy. Vacuum floor. Vacuum Dippy.
Bandage new hand wound. Write off catnip as a bad life choice.
Watch as Dippy climbs in box, and rolls over.
Box flips on top of Dippy.
She is purring.
My job here is done.

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